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SAN JOSE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 02/13/06 -- RSA Conference -- Aventail today unveiled the market's first complete SSL VPN solution for Mac and Linux platforms. Incorporating Aventail's patent-pending Smart Tunneling architecture, Aventail Connect Tunnel for Mac and Linux provides a complete in-office experience for end users and centralized management for network administrators managing a mixed platform environment. With this release, Aventail is the first VPN solution, IPSec or SSL, to guarantee secure communication to all resources, for both managed and unmanaged Mac and Linux devices, with the most comprehensive clientless and client-based access options. Aventail Connect Tunnel delivers the same experience on all devices and platforms including Mac, Linux, Windows, and Windows Mobile, making it easy for network administrators to manage users on different opera... (more)

Venafi Automates Cert Replacement to Address Debian Linux Vulnerability

Organizations relying on encryption within their most mission-critical business systems must take steps to ensure they can address vulnerabilities like the recently reported Debian Linux flaw when–not if–they happen again, according to Venafi, inventor of systems management for encryption. Such preparations should include automating the management of encryption certificates and keys, to enable rapid identification and replacement. A guide outlining specifically how organizations can address issues and vulnerabilities like the Debian vulnerability using the Venafi encryption management platform and help from a team of expert consultants at Venafi, is available at aspx. Early last week, Debian announced a flaw that had caused SSL (secure socket layer), SSH (secure shell) and other keys g... (more)

SecureCRT 7.2® and SecureFX® 7.2 Official from VanDyke Software® Improve Productivity with a Dockable Session Manager and Personal Data Folder

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Dec. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- VanDyke Software, a developer of multi-platform secure terminal emulation and secure file transfer software, today announced the official releases of SecureCRT 7.2 and SecureFX 7.2.  On the Windows platform, SecureCRT and SecureFX introduce a dockable session manager for quickly connecting to sessions.  New on all platforms is a personal data folder for storing logon credentials separate from other session data. The new session manager provides an alternative to the applications' Connect dialog, allowing saved sessions to be viewed in a dockable pane.  The session manager pane can be positioned on the left, right, top, or bottom of the main program window, or undocked and used as a modeless dialog. "Our customers often work with hundreds of sessions at a time," said Maureen Jett, VanDyke Software's Product Director. "... (more)

Secure and Performant Mobile Working with Apple iPad and HOBLink iWT

Mobile working is the new trend which offers many benefits for employees as well as employers. Employees enjoy the comfort of being able to work flexibly, 24/7 and from anywhere, preferably, of course, with modern mobile devices such as the Apple iPad. The demand for the ability to work productively with tablets is on the rise. Doing a quick check of your e-mail is one thing, but these days you can also use your iPad to work remotely on Windows Servers. With HOBLink iWT, HOB offers you a secure, highly performant remote access app for the iPad, which meets all the requirements. Working with HOBLink iWT, Secure and Mobile HOBLink iWT provides you with secure and performant remote access to Windows Terminal Servers, VDI Systems and PCs from an Apple iPad. HOBLink iWT requires no extra hardware or software on the server side. Directly after installation, configuration ... (more)

Jill Tummler Singer of the CIA Speaks on "Cloud Safety" : +1

I saw this tweet this morning and I thought "+1" (I guess I am a geek if I am thinking in Digg/Slashdot shorthand). The problem is that in Information Security, "security" is all-too-often used to mean only encryption. A line is considered "secure" if it's encrypted. But often, the real "security" requirements are much broader and include management (as in access management, identity management), business continuity defense against denial-of-service, and privacy. I think language is a big issue here. I've always found it interesting that in German, the words for "security" and "certainty" (sicherheit, literally "sureness") are the same. In French, the words for "safety" and "security" are also the same (sûreté, again literally "sureness"). So, in those languages, "security" has a broad definition, incorporating senses of dependability, management, and safety. I can s... (more)

Dear Slashdot: You Get What You Pay For

Open Source SSL Accelerator solution not as cost effective or well-performing as you think o3 Magazine has a write up on building an SSL accelerator out of Open Source components. It's a compelling piece, to be sure, that was picked up by Slashdot and discussed extensively. If o3 had stuck to its original goal - building an SSL accelerator on the cheap - it might have had better luck making its arguments. But it wanted to compare an Open Source solution to a commercial solution. That makes sense, the author was trying to show value in Open Source and that you don't need to shell out big bucks to achieve similar functionality. The problem is that there are very few - if any - commercial SSL accelerators on the market today. SSL acceleration has long been subsumed by load balancers/application delivery controllers and therefore a direct comparison between o3's Open ... (more)

How to Secure REST and JSON

Here at Layer 7 we get asked a lot about our support for REST. We actually have a lot to offer to secure, monitor and manage REST-style transactions. The truth is, although we really like SOAP and XML here at Layer 7, we also really like REST and alternative data encapsulations like JSON. We use both REST and JSON all the time in our own development. Suppose you have a REST-based service that you would like to publish to the world, but you are concerned about access control, confidentiality, integrity, and the risk from incoming threats. We have an answer for this: SecureSpan Gateway clusters, deployed in the DMZ, give you the ability to implement run time governance across all of your services: Pictures are nice, but this scenario is best understood using a concrete example. For the services, Yahoo’s REST-based search API offers us everything we need–it even retur... (more), Twitter, Security & You

..or, what I did on my twitter vacation the other day.  This brief break from 26 Short Topics about Security is brought to you by, twitter, security and You.  I’ve been using for a little while both to shorten links and be able to track clicks placed on twitter (and other social sites) – as many of you do.  When the twitter outage hit last week, and many folks found themselves ‘lost’ without it, I decided to review my stats on the links I’ve sent and found something interesting; or frightening.  :-)  (Incidentally, there was a another DDoS attack yesterday that took twitter down for about 20 minutes) To set this up: as you might know, I cover Security within the Technical Marketing Team (Lori, Alan & Ken round out the TMM group – and we’re all interested in Security) at F5 and usually find 1 or 2 interesting ‘security’ stories that I actually t... (more)

Considering the SOA Reference Model

(SYS-CON Media) - The main drivers for SOA-based architectures are to facilitate the manageable growth of large-scale enterprise systems, to facilitate Internet-scale provisioning and the use of services, and to reduce the cost of organization-to-organization cooperation - SOA RM When approaching a SOA implementation, I would like to consider two fundamental questions that many developers ask: 1)  What's the difference between service-oriented and service-based architectures? 2)  What special architecture elements are defined by the SOA RM? In my opinion, the answer to the first is in the difference between the words oriented and based. I believe that smart IT organizations offer a lot of services already because the technical benefits of services have been well known for a while. However, the applications based on these services are still monolithic and don't provide ... (more)

HTML5 WebSocket Security is Strong

This is a two-part blog post that discusses HTML5 WebSocket and security. In this, the first post, I will talk about the security benefits that come from being HTTP-compatible and the WebSocket standard itself. In the second post (coming soon) I will highlight some of the extra security capabilities that Kaazing WebSocket Gateway offers, things that real-world WebSocket applications will want to be fully secure. A WebSocket connection starts its life as an HTTP handshake, which then upgrades in-place to speak the WebSocket wire protocol. As such, many existing HTTP security mechanisms also apply to a WebSocket connection — one of the reasons why the WebSocket standard deliberately chose the strategy of being HTTP compatible. Unified HTTP and WebSocket Security Thanks to the HTTP/WebSocket unified security model, the following is a list of some standard HTTP securit... (more)

Cloud Business Solutions, Social Media, and Platform Systems of Engagement Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019

NEW YORK, May 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Cloud Business Solutions, Social Media, and Platform Systems of Engagement Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019 LEXINGTON, Massachusetts (May 1, 2013) – WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Cloud Business Solutions, Social Media, and Platform Systems of Engagement: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2018. The 2013 study has 673 pages, 165 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as the cloud com... (more)